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HealthCERT – is the joint information security competence center for the Norwegian health care sector. The center shares knowledge about ICT threats and protection mechanisms, and continuously monitors traffic within the health network. The goal is to prevent and remediate adverse ICT security incidents and malicious intrusion attempts.

Why HealthCERT?

The health network is a secure telecommunications network developed and managed by the government enterprise Norsk Helsenett SF. It can be defined as the sum of all its connected users and parties, the solutions they use and the communications services and components enabling the safe and secure exchange of personal or patient information. Most healthcare organizations are already connected to the health network. All hospitals, and almost all municipalities, general practitioners and pharmacies are connected. 825.000 electronic messages are sent through the health network every day, and the numbers are expected to increase substantially due to the implementation of electronic prescriptions (eResept) and eventually the national centralized medical journal.

The increasing amount of information that is processed and stored in ICT systems together with the increasing reliance on ICT systems for providing patient care, has dramatically increased the potential consequences of cyber-attacks and accidents. Even a brief disruption of some of these ICT systems can in a worst case scenario affect the health and well-being of patients, and the compromise of a large database can severely affect the public's trust in the sector's ability to protect confidential information. At the same time an increasing number of IT services have been exposed on the Internet which in turn has increased the attack surface considerably and an attacker is no longer dependent on local presence. The end result is that the risk from cyber-attacks and accidents are strongly increasing.

The Norwegian health care sector is the target of a vast number of deliberate attacks each week. To meet these new challenges Norsk Helsenett SF has, at the request of the Ministry of health and care services, established HealthCERT as a national security and monitoring center for the health sector.

National Competence center for information security

  • Provide advice and guidance on current threats and develop threat assessments
  • Develop and implement training, conferencing and collaboration arenas
  • Provide leadership, best practices and support with regard to information security

National Security monitoring and incident response center

  • Implement methods and systems to reduce the risk of adverse events
  • Implement methods and systems for notification of adverse events
  • Event analysis and incident reporting to stakeholders in the sector



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